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Taysue Morris

Is a first-generation Liberian-American who was raised in Montgomery County Maryland. She is currently a mental health therapist at a community-based agency. She holds a Master of Science in counseling from Johns Hopkins University. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Family Science at Towson University. Presently, she is pursuing a Ph.D. in counseling at George Washington University. She invites you to follow her on Instagram @taysuemorris. 




Book Me at Your Event or School

Promoting equity and diversity in your school begins with self-awareness. My mission is to provide the language and understanding needed to ask for help with depression, anxiety, and other health challenges directed to one's identity, culture, and intersectionality.


The Daughter of Diversity Experience

Reading out loud to children strengthens their ability to visualize images, grasp the plot of a story, and build vocabulary. The daughter of diversity experience allows  for building comprehension through making connections between the story of Tavea and their personal experiences.


Individual Parent/Child or Group Session

The relationship between a parent and child is a beautiful yet complex relationship. Parent-child sessions, individual sessions,  and group sessions can continue the conversation of diversity and help to reflect on the personal experiences that have shaped our various identities.  

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Meet Tavea!

This outgoing, friendly Liberian-American is ready to take on elementary school—starting with her first day of third grade. Tavea is so excited—until it’s time to take attendance. She quickly realizes when her teacher has trouble pronouncing her name that she isn’t like everyone else. As the school year continues, Tavea continues to realize how the parts of her identity, culture, and family make her different.

My Book
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